Boon Companion

Gosh something touched me. Did you just touch me ? Phewww ! I thought SHE did. Well bud, how's you today ? Me too same old ,fragile. You're welcome again, I won't stop you, I am all yours. Be my boon companion. Just enter my mortal body. I am ready to be a fiend. I... Continue Reading →


12th November’ 2017 (Not the date of the post.)

The sharp beeping noise which came from the right side of my bed was growing every sec. The rusty rays of the setting sun coming from the window pane fell directly on my eyes, making me really restless and un-comfortable. " DADDY NO. DADDY PLEASE. DADDY PLEASE STOP MOMM.WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS... Continue Reading →

” An Unusual Break “

While turning the pages of my physics module my eyes went to a girl sitting right in front me. She too was trying to figure out what was the lecture all about. We both were at the top left corner of the doubt room. She was a very fair girl, with height not more than... Continue Reading →

“Stay FAR”

Some glances here, And some there, With all the paleness and a cold stone heart, I keep living and breathing. People call me names, Shallow, incompetent, lame, Not that they're wrong. I am gullible, A guy with a non existent self esteem. A bane to my parents, A pain to my friend, (Atleast when I... Continue Reading →


It’s so hard to feel, With all this darkness inside, Every day I wake up and try, Try to scrap the abyss aside. But my trials are failing, And my pretenses and attempts to be normal, They’re coming to light from the hide. Everything was so good and shallow before, But her coming closer, Made... Continue Reading →


You think you're all alone, Sulking in your own emotions, Sucking Every bit of your sorrow, Likes snorts of coke. You think you're all dried up, Abit of your emotions, Lying cold and numb. And there's this demon caged in your head, That's itching to take control. To grab a hold on your neck, Luring... Continue Reading →

The Nap of Infinity

There he lied down under the cool blue cloudy sky, That was about to burst out anytime, Laying down amidst of the two tress that stood like the doorway to heaven, The sound of the grass hoppers chirping, The essence of dampened soil, So peaceful , so soothing, He lied down there closing his eyes,... Continue Reading →

“The Riverside Cemetery”

It's been long, So long since we parted, You're now long gone, And I am all forgotten. Heard you moved on, Have a family and a beautiful kid, And all my memories, All my zest that you once sufficed, Are now all by-gone. But its kinda hard for me, It has been ages, Since time... Continue Reading →

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